Attend the 2016 Movement Electronic Music Festival

fgfA lot of people are expected to come to Hart Plaza this Memorial Weekend for the 2016 Movement Electronic Music Festival. Security is also expected to be up a notch since drugs and alcohol will certainly come into play in a concert like that and you can't avoid that. The last MetArt discount thing the city of Detroit wants is for the festival to get a bad name since it is one of the world's most popular EDM festivals. International and local DJs are expected to perform their finest tunes and make the audience dance to the occasion. There is also going to be free yoga provided by Detroit Yoga Lab since all that dancing will make your body ache. Since yoga is known to be expensive, better take advantage of the free yoga classes you are going to get here.

It would be great to stretch and relax before returning to the dance floor once more. There are two 1 hour yoga classes and both of them are free so it would be a good idea to attend both of them. Hart Plaza will feature charging stations where attendees can charge their phones if it is low battery already but they must be in front of it because you never know if someone is plotting to steal your phone with the number of people present at Hart Plaza. This is one of those events where it will be common to have your phones stolen so better avoid it especially if you have a very expensive phone as a lot of people may have their eyes on it as if it was a naughty america discount the moment you enter the place. The best tip is to not let yourself get too drunk or if you do then ask your companions to watch your belongings or you might find yourself having to buy a new phone which is a big hassle. There is also an Interactive Technology Center for the geeks who can't get enough of today's latest gadgets. The good news is there are going to be numerous demos there so the geeks will surely be glued on to what is on display.

For those bringing their bikes to the festival, there is good news for them as there will be valet parking for that. Wheelhouse Detroit will secure parking for the bikes at no extra cost as they appreciate people who conserve the environment by choosing to come in their bikes. Not only did they choose to not pollute the environment but they also chose to lose some extra calories too. There is even a smartphone app for those people who are not familiar with the artists performing at the festival. They can now take a look at the background of each artist in the app so they can appreciate what they did in the music industry. It is better to come to this festival with an evil angel promo code or your close friends but if you don't have any then you are guaranteed to meet new people as long as you keep an open mind.

You won't be hungry at this festival too as there are numerous food options to keep your tummy happy. It would be a good idea to go food tripping at this festival with the number of food options available like The Pita Post and Andiamo. Lockers can be reserved online for those who are planning to bring a lot of things and you can't blame yourself if that is your plan since the entire day will be full of activities.